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The Ultimate Lead Generation

Write $30,000 - $50,000 In Premium Monthly*

FREE Training Provided For Members
*One time set up Fee of $399


Quote Engine is changing the way insurane agents think about insurance leads. Our propietary technology is what drives this entire process. Quote Engine is directly integrated with the #1 utility connection and  home services platform on the planet. Moving Hub is the most sought after technology among real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and property managers and gives insurance agents seemless integration to get 100% of the referrals in their market.

Quot Engine also allows agents to generate highly targeted, exclusive Auto/ Home/ Renters / Life insurance quote request on autopilot. Our one of a kind approach to reaching the consumer has NEVER been done before in the insurance industry and has proven to produce the  lowest cost per leads the industry has ever seen. 

  • The #1 Real Estate & Mortgage Lender Referral Teachnology
  • Generate Laser Targeted Leads Auto - Home - Renters
  • Free Call Center Solution With Live Trasnfers 
  • Revenue Share On All Home Services (Cable - Internet- Satellite- Home Security - and more) 
  • Step By Step Instructions To Generate HUNDREDS of Quote Request Monthly
  • Exclusive Zip Code Rights To All The Mortgage & Realtor Referrals In Your Market

During our beta testing period we generated over 3,000 quote request with an average cost of under $2 each. Avg. agent saw increase of $30k - $50k in premium mo. During our beta group we had an agent get 727 referrals from mortgage lenders - Agent closed 160 home policies and 300+ items for over $3000,000 in premium in just 120 days of starting. We give you the exact blueprint to make this possible for your agency. 


Quote Engine is the first product of its kind. We have secured the exclusive rights for North America for the technology that is the driving force behind this program. After more than 11 months of testing and THOUSANDS of quote requests we've cracked the code to generating laser targeted exclusive quote request. This step by step guide is easy to follow, and takes less than 72 hours to set up. You will NEVER have to purchase another lead again, and your will literally have as many quote requests as your agency can handle. 

  • Generate targeted leads in under 72hours 
  • Launch the industries most innovative lead generation technology and have exclusive rights to your market 
  • Agents report contact rates over 50% and conversion rates as high as 20% upon first contact

For the first time in more than a decade insurance agents can literally double or triple their new business production in under 30 days. While other lead providers are selling recycled leads for as much at $15 each that have conversion rates as low as 3% on average, Quote Engine puts you in control of your leads. You choose the EXACT targeting (age, zip codes, industries, job titles, interest, and more). We provide the EXACT ads, The EXACT landing pages, The EXACT step by step process. If you can follow an instruction manual then you can put this program into place in just a few hours and turn your agency around almost overnight! 

Proven Results. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Agency Alliance is the #1 insurance lead generation mastermind on the planet with more than 1,500 agents that have grown their agency using our strategies. We pride ourselves on a long history of successful program launches. The Quote Engine system produces the best results of anything we have ever launched. 

  • Follow Our Proven System To Get Predictable Results
  • Highest Contact Rates of ANY Leads In The Industry
  • Increase Commissions By $3,000 - $5,000 on Average 

This is just one example of ACTUAL RESULTS provided by a captive agent during our beta test group. This report covers a 30 day period in which the agent used the EXACT processes we will be teaching you in Quote Engine. The agent made contact with more than 75% of the leads, quoting more than 75% of those contacted and sold 35% of the leads resulting in $38,000 in new business premium. This agent was in the pacific northwest where premiums are typically lower than other parts of the country. We've seen agents report as much as $73,000 written in a single month using these lead generation strategies. REGISTER TODAY and FLOOD YOUR AGENY WITH QUOTE REQUESTS!


Quote Engine is a step by step training program that will teach you how to leverage our roprietary technology to generate targeted insurance quote request. We are providing the training FREE and the only fee you will have is for the technology. We have put all the training, and given you our exact ads used to drive in the quote request. All you have to do is cover the cost of the system. We tested hundreds of targeting, hundreds of ads, and dozens of campaign stratgies. After 11 months of testing we pulled the higest converting ads and put them in this step by step training. We will also have live coaching calls optional. 

  • Get unlimited access to training FREE
  • Get our blueprint of proven campaign set up strategies
  • Get the entire ad vault of our highest converting ads from our testing. 

In order to keep the marketplace from getting saturated and ensure that our members get MASSIVE results we are limiting the number of agents who can license this technology for their market to just 50 agent nationwide. This will presereve our strategies and allow our agents to have unlimited potential using our system. 

“Since joining the Agency Alliance my agency has sold more in the last 7 months than we did all last year. Our Gross Written Premium is up 42% and our NB is up by 38%. We are writing bigger premiums and closing more house holds. ”

James Jenkins, Farmers Agent ~ Texas


24/7 Access To The Exact Ad Strategy To Generate Exclusive Leads 

Technology Set Up & Customization

The Quote Engine Account Set Up

You will get access to our technology and our team will set you up with a fully customized white labeled version of our technology. You will also be given the instructions to set up your Facebook accounts to enable and optimize your accounts. This process doesn't take long but is critical to your success. 

  • You will be provided custom domain, website, customized flyers, and hosting package
  • You will be instructed on setting up custom incognito page, landing pages, and form capture

We handle the set up of the website, and you will be provided the instructions to set up the ad accounts in your Facebook account. 

Facebook Ads Training 

Learn How To Target Your Perfect Customer 

We will walk you through the step by step process to target the perfect customer. We show you how to drill down and target in on the perfect customers demographic characteristics.

  • Perfect customer targeting training
  • Target age demographics, zip codes, job titles, industries, education, interest, etc.

You will get our exact ad copy, exact targeting, landing page copy, and custom audience set up

Facebook Lead Generation 

Facebook Ad Set Up & Campaign Building

We walk you through our east to follow step by step process to constructing the EXACT ads that we have tested and proven to convert targeted quote request. 

  • Build and launch your first ad campaigns
  • Caoture leads and build your custom audiences

Now that your ads are launched your quote request will begin to flow in consistently. 

Automate Sales Process 

Sales Process & Conversion Strategies

After working with dozens of agents during our trial periods we not only perfected the art of lead generation but we also documented the sales & conversion strategies. We've outlined the scripts and provided it in the program. 

  • Get exact phone scripts, email scripts, text scripts, and more
  • Contact rates are as high as 75% and conversion rates as high as 50% 

Put our automated sales and follow up processes in place to create the highest conversion rates in the industry. 

Inventive Ad Strategies 

The Secrets To Driving Millennial Leads

8 out of 10 marketing agencies are using what is called incentive ad campaigns. We will show you our secret incentive marketing strategies that agents are using to drive endless leads, referrals, and drive leads through referral partners. 

  • Incentive Ad Stratgies. 
  • Exact Systems Used To Drive Leads, Exact Ad Copy, Exact Campaigns

Get 7 days of UNLIMITED FREE FUNNELS using the FREE trail of our partner incentive funnels. 


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Get Started For Just $99 Mo.


Hear What Other Agents Have Said About Our Programs

  • Rob Springer, Liberty Mutual 
    Top 5% In The Nation 
  • Chad H, Independent Agent 
    12+ Years In The Business
  • Frank J, Independent Agent 
    Top Performer Turned Marketing Expert
  • Jason H. ~ Life Insurance Agent
    Now Writing 30+ Life Apps A Month
  • Eli O, Arizona Agent 
    Beta Tester For Quote Engine  System
  • Joe Kaufman, Farmers Agent
    Missouri Agent & Marketing Expert

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Join The VIP Mastermind - Live Coaching


When you join the Agency Alliance VIP Membership You Get Access To Our Entire Program Line For One Low Membership Fee. You Get Access To Any of Our 40+ Lead Generation Programs, Weekly Group Coaching, Life 1 on 1 Coaching, and Access To Our Entire Ad Vault With 150+ Proven Insurance Ads. 

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Access To All Our Programs 
  • One on One Weekly Coaching

Your membership includes the set up of the system, access to the program and weekly group coaching with weekly 1 on 1 coaching cas well.  Continued You can cancel at any time.  USE PROMO CODE: VIP25 To save 25% for life 


    • Launched The 1st Social Media Mastermind For Insurance Agents ~ Agency Alliance Mastermind
    • Longest Running Insurance Lead Gen. University 
    • More Than 1,500 Agents Have Joined Our Programs
    • Launched The 1st Celebrity Mastermind Platform


    Sean started his consulting business in late 2013 with The Agency Alliance Mastermind program. This Insurance Mastermind took the insurance industry by stom and quickly became the #1 Insurance program in the county. 

    Shortly after The Agency Alliance was launched Sean created The Millionaire Masterminds as a platform to host celebrity speaking engagements, celebrity hosted masterminds, and corporate bookings for celebrity clients. In just 6 months this company became the industry leader for celebrity training programs. 

    " I built my business on results for my clients. I pride myself on 100% success rates in every program I have ever created. If I can't help you then we simply will not work together. I don't believe in wasting your time or mine. I live and breath to watch my clients get massive results."  ~Sean Matheis , Founder & CEO 

    Agency Alliance Media ~ Quote Engine 

    Pricing Packages 

    Save $100 On Either Package

    • Month To Month
      One Time Set Up $399
      PAY ONLY!
      $99 mo
      • FREE Mastermind Calls
      • Private Facebook Group
      • Personalized Sales Coaching
      • FREE Training Materials
      • White Label Call Center 
      • Exact Ad Templates
      • Proven Conversion Scripts
      • Proven Blueprint 
      One Time Set Up $0
      Management Fee
      • One Time Set Up Fee Wiaved
      • Custom Website 
      • Custom Virtual Back Office 
      • Lead Management 
      • Dedicated Local Number
      • Full White Labe Set Up
      • White Label Email Response
      • Automated Text Response 
      • White Label Call Center
      • Realtor & Lender Demos
      • Custom Partner Sign Up 
      • Marketing Collateral 
      • Transparant Reporting
      • $99 Technology Fee
      • $300 Directly To Ads

    REGULAR PRICE: $399 Set Up $99 Monthly 
    Save $100 Plus Get FREE Coaching Calls 
    *Only 1 Agent Per Zip Code Allowed*

    Get Live Coaching Weekly

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